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Living Small on Lake Ossie

Sharing the joy of creating and living in our small cottage on Lake Ossie in Northern Minnesota! We set out to design a summer cottage that was inexpensive to own and operate.   We wanted our time back from taking care of a big house and doing yard work.   We didn't want to work in the city just to  afford to spend time at the lake.  By living small, we found the freedom to live large.   Here's how we made it happen: Keep it Small We spend a lot of time outside and didn't need a large house.   A small house saves on taxes, insurance, and energy. Since we are only here in the summer, we built a “guest cottage” which needed a footprint less than 700 square feet and a height of less than 15 feet. The interior is 650 finished square feet.   We do recognize the need for storage of toys and hobbies....and are grateful that the lot already had a 60x40 shed that serves as shop and garage. Reduce Monthly Energy Bills Install Solar System:   We generate most of the power we use, bu

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